Vancouver Travel Guide

Vancouver is quite different from almost all the cities in North America. Though it is a large modern Cosmopolitan city, it seems to have a relaxed small-town, close to nature feel about it, and this is what the tourists like most about this place-they can enjoy the bustle of the metropolitan and can still relax. The main point about the city attraction lies in the fact that it is the only city in the world where it is possible to Ski, Sail and and even play Golf, all on the very same day.

The city lies adjacent to the Strait of Georgia, a body of water that is shielded from the Pacific Ocean by Vancouver Island. Vancouver has an area of 114.67 Sq. Km.

Vancouver is internationally renowned for preserving its natural beauty within the metropolis and it is the home to one of North America’s largest urban parks, Stanley Park.

The weather of Canada is generally believed to be cold, but like Toronto, Vancouver has temperate climate and is supposed to be the second warmest major city in Canada during the winter. Spring and autumn are generally rainy and cool in Vancouver.

During the winter season, snowfall is frequently and if you plan to come in that season, you would really enjoy the winter of British Colmboia.

Transportation v
Getting to Vancouver is generally a pretty easy thing and once you have arrived in this city, moving from place to place is just as easy and there is absolutely no problem or hassle at all! Vancouver is believed to be the Gateway to the Pacific Rim, services are available by land, sea and air and the local transportation system is breathtakingly appreciable for the visitors and the local population.

By Air
Arriving by air to Vancouver is easy and your destination is Vancouver International Airport (YVR). The airport is located just twenty-five minutes from downtown Vancouver. The airport is serviced by major airlines from all over the world, as well as many regional carriers. You should face no problem for coming to this city, from whichever country you choose to come.

By Vehicle
Traveling by a vehicle is also one of the way to get into Vancouver. If you choose to come by car from an eastern point in Canada, you would likely take Highway 1; and if you drive north from the US you would probably use I-5 and cross into Canada at Blaine, Washington and then just drive on to Canada.

The U.S. Amtrak service is also available from Seattle, but from Vancouver Island you would use the B.C. Ferry system.

However, if you are currently visiting a very remote area of Canada, where access to Vancouver is not possible, there are special planes that pick the people from such areas and fly them to Vancouver.

Around Vancouver
Once you have arrived here, you can choose one inexpensive and quick way to get around, and that is the B.C. Transit. However, you can still choose to rent a car since all the major car rental agencies have locations at the airport or in downtown Vancouver.

The choice remains with you and is mostly dependent upon your budget that you can spare for the local transportion.

The B.C. transit is served by buses and ferries, which can take you almost everywhere in the city and they run all the time. So there is no problem of time at all. But if you want a total private ride, then hiring a car would suit you more.

Places of Attraction
There are many places that you can enjoy …

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